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Most of the galaxies that will be detected in sensitive ALMA images will have large redshifts. This is illustrated in the top row that shows the number of low redshift (z<1.5) and high redshift (z>1.5) galaxies expected from a simulated deep ALMA observation. Although the high redshift galaxies are more distant, much more of the dominant emission from warm dust is redshifted into the ALMA frequency bands.

The bottom  row shows that with an optical image, such as the Hubble Deep Field, most of the detections are of galaxies with z<1.5. In stark contrast to the optical image, 80 percent of the ALMA detected galaxies will lie at high redshifts.

Top images from Wootten & Gallimore (2000, ASP Conf. Ser. Vol. 240, pg. 54). Bottom images from K. Lanzetta, K. Moore, A. Fernandez-Soto, and A. Yahil (SUNY). © 1997 Kenneth M. Lanzetta