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Call for Cosmictales 2017: LET THE UNIVERSE INSPIRE YOU!
Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tuesday, May 02, 2017, is the deadline for lovers of astronomy and related sciences to submit their entries to the 4th annual short story competition, “Cosmictales,” a joint initiative of Fundación Astromanía and ALMA, designed to motivate literary creativity inspired by the Universe.

The call is open to all Chileans and foreigners living in Chile, and has two categories: youth from 12 to 17 years; and adults 18 years and up. To participate, just sent your original story related to astronomy or related sciences, with a maximum of 120 words, to email cosmocuentos@astromania.cl.

Awards for best stories include original board games, books on astronomy and a fantastic Celestron telescope, Firstscope model. The awards ceremony to be held mid-June will include a live performance by the musical group “Lyra,” with a repertoire of songs on astronomy, including “Ocho hermanos” (Eight brothers), a song about the planets in our Solar System, and the blues song “Mr. Halley” on the famous comet that visits us every 67 years.

The best short stories will be selected by a jury made up of representatives from ALMA, Explora CONICYT, Unidad de Astronomía de la Universidad de Antofagasta, Star Tres of Valparaiso, Fundación Ciencia Acción, the PUC Institute of Astrophysics and the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics.

In previous Cosmictales competitions, over six hundred stories were submitted from Arica to Punta Arenas, confirming the overwhelming interest in a science whose importance is on the rise in Chile. The winning stories are published in three booklets edited by the ALMA observatory, along with their respective English translations. It is estimated that by 2025, Chile will have 70% of the global astronomical capacity to observe the Universe within its borders.

The competition terms and conditions are available at: www.astromania.cl/cosmocuentos.


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