Resultados preliminares del estudio Entorno de Virgo Trazado en Monóxido de Carbono (VERTICO, en su sigla en inglés)

Online – Herzberg Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Centre

Febrero 25, 2021

Expositor: Toby Brown

(Inglés) | The Virgo Environment Traced in CO survey (VERTICO) is a pioneering Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) large program that is investigating the effect of environment on molecular gas by mapping the distribution and kinematics of molecular across 51 Virgo Cluster galaxies on sub-kpc scales. As the critical final component of a diverse, homogeneous legacy data set, VERTICO is revealing how physical mechanisms such as ram pressure stripping drive the star formation process in dense environments in unmatched detail. This talk will showcase the early results from the VERTICO team, highlighting evidence for the ability of environment to reach far into galaxies, perturbing molecular gas discs and dictating the efficiency of the star formation process.