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ALMA Management

ALMA Core Management Team

Stuartt Corder
Stuartt Corder
  Acting Director

John Carpenter John Carpenter
Observatory Scientist
Serge Serge Guniat
Head of ALMA Department of Engineering
Jorge Ibsen Jorge Ibsen
Head of the Department
of Computing
Rafael Mena Rafael Mena
Human Resources Manager
Lars Nyman Lars-Åke Nyman
Head of the Department of Science Operations
Frank Ruseler Frank Ruseler
Head of Administration
Alejandra Voigt Alejandra Voigt
Executive Officer
Nick Whyborn Nick Whyborn
Observatory Systems Engineer

Note: Listing is alphabetical by last name

ALMA Support Centers

The ALMA activities of each Executive are managed by their ALMA Operations Managers, located at ESO in Garching (Germany) for the European partners of ALMA, at NRAO in Charlottesville (USA) for the North American partners, and NAOJ in Mitaka (Japan) for the Japanese partners.

European ALMA Support Center

  • European Operations Manager
    Wolfgang Wild

  • European Legal Representative in Chile
    Fernando Comerón

  • European Integrated Engineering Team Manager
    Silvio Rossi

  • European Integrated Computing Team Manager
    Erich Schmid

  • European Project Scientist
    Leonardo Testi

  • European ALMA Regional Center Manager
    Paola Andreani

North American ALMA Support Center

  • ALMA NA Operations Manager
    Phil Jewell

  • North American Legal Representative in Chile
    Paulina Bocaz

  • North American Integrated Engineering Team Manager
    Kamaljeet Saini

  • North American Integrated Computing Team Manager
    Morgan Griffith

  • North American Program Scientist
    Al Wootten

  • North American ALMA Regional Center Manager
    Anthony Remijan

East Asia ALMA Support Center

  • East Asian Operations Manager
    Satoru Iguchi

  • East Asian Legal Representative in Chile
    Seiichi Sakamoto

  • East Asian Integrated Engineering Team Manager
    Shin'ichiro Asayama

  • East Asian Senior System Engineer
    Shin'ichiro Asayama

  • East Asian Integrated Computing Team Manager
    George Kosugi

  • East Asian Program Scientist
    Daisuke Iono

  • East Asian ALMA Regional Center Manager
    Ken'ichi Tatematsu

ALMA Management Team

  • Stuartt Corder, ALMA Deputy Director

  • Wolfgang Wild, EU ALMA Operations Manager

  • Phil Jewell, NA ALMA Operations Manager

  • Satoru Iguchi, EA ALMA Operations Manager

Operational Integrated Teams

  • Integrated Engineering Team
    • Serge Guniat (JAO IET - Lead)
    • Nick Whyborn (JAO IET)
    • Silvio Rossi (EU IET)
    • Kamaljeet Saini (NA IET)

  • Integrated Science
    Operations Team
    • Lars-Åke Nyman (JAO ISOpT – Lead)
    • Paola Andreani (EU ISOpT)
    • Anthony Remijan (NA ISOpT)
    • Ken'ichi Tatematsu (EA ISOpT)

  • Integrated Computing Team
    • Jorge Ibsen (JAO ICT - Lead)
    • Erich Schmid (EU IET)
    • Morgan Griffith (NA ICT)
    • George Kosugi (EA ICT)

  • Integrated Science Team
    • John Carpenter (JAO IST - Lead)
    • Leonardo Testi (EU IST)
    • Al Wooten (NA IST)
    • Daisuke Iono (EA IST)