#WAWUA: New episodes from ALMA’s animated series

#WAWUA: New episodes from ALMA’s animated series

6 new episodes of the #WAWUA animated series are now available (WAWUA = Why Astronomers Want to Use ALMA). Through short two-minute animations we tell about gravitational lenses, we explain how we measure the distance of distant objects, the formation of planetary systems, how we obtained the first image of a black hole and about collaboration as a global challenge, among others.

It is a series created by astronomers and workers at our observatory where the technology and science behind ALMA are explained in a didactic and simple way with original and colorful drawings.

In the first season we explained how ALMA uses 66 antennas as if they were one, how it sees the invisible and captures the presence of complex molecules in distant interstellar clouds to discover our cosmic origins in the most remote corners of the Cosmos.

You can see the new season and the previous one here:

Season 2

Episode XI

Episode X

Episode IX

Episode VIII

Episode VII

Episode VI

Season 1

Episode V

Episode IV

Episode III

Episode II

Episode I