JAO Science Team

  • Belén Alcalde

    Belén Alcalde

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Science Interests: Galaxy formation and evolution across cosmic time, massive high-redshift galaxies, stellar properties, molecular gas, and dust.
    Technical Interests: Multiwavelength observations, (sub)-mm single-dish and interferometry observations, machine and deep learning techniques.

  • Elizabeth Artur de la Villarmois

    Elizabeth Artur de la Villarmois

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Scientific interests: Low-mass star formation and planet formation around circumstellar disks. Astrochemistry and the study of the molecules that are present at the time of planet formation.

    Tecnical interests: Radioastronomy, mm/submm observations with interferometers or single-dish.

  • Yoshiharu Asaki

    Yoshiharu Asaki

    NAOJ Associate Professor


    Science Interests: Dynamics of gas motions around evolved stars and of massive star forming regions by observing astrophysical masers. Precise astrometry using radio interferometry with an accuracy of milli arcseconds.
    Technical interests: Calibration techniques for correcting interferometer observable errors especially due to the Earth atmosphere and interferometer instruments.

  • Drew Brisbin

    Drew Brisbin

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science interests: galaxies at high redshift, star formation feedback mechanisms, AGN, metallicity in the early universe, abundance tracers, fine structure lines, dust, climate engineering

    Technical interests: radio interferometry, submillimeter instrumentation, bolometer arrays, unfilled aperture synthesis

  • John Carpenter

    John Carpenter

    WSU Project Director Acting and Observatory Scientist

    Personal Website

    Science Interests: Circumstellar disks, debris disks, structure of molecular clouds, and star formation.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, single-dish mm/submm astronomy, statistics

  • Luciano Cerrigone

    Luciano Cerrigone

    Science Operations Astronomer


    Scientific interests: circumstellar envelopes in intermediate- and high-mass stars, AGB and post-AGB stars, molecular outflows, radio continuum properties of Planetary nebulae, LBV nebulae.
    Technical interests: ground- and space-based mid-IR imaging and spectrometry, interferometry from the cm to the sub-mm range, single-dish techniques.

  • Chin-Shin Chang

    Chin-Shin Chang

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science Interests: Galaxies and supermassive black holes, jets and outflows. Active Galactic Nuclei studies using Very Long Baseline Interferometry, in particular the VLBI kinematics and the multi-wavelength studies (radio/optical/X-ray/gamma-ray) on AGN inner-jet. M87 jet dynamics.
    Technical interests: VLBI wide-fied (more…)

  • Juan Cortés

    Juan Cortés

    Program Management Group Manager


    Science Interests: Interacting and merging Galaxies, lenticular and elliptical galaxies, galaxy formation, galaxy evolution along z, high-z submillimeter galaxies, galaxy stellar and gas dynamics.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, Integral Field spectroscopy, single-dish mm/submm astronomy.

  • Paulo Cortés

    Paulo Cortés

    Operations Astronomer


    Science Interests: Star formation, magnetic fields, formation of molecular clouds, interacting and merging galaxies, galaxy formation, galaxy evolution, high-z submillimeter galaxies.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, single-dish mm/submm astronomy, parallel and distributed computing.

  • Andrea Corvillón

    Andrea Corvillón

    Proposal Handling Team Lead


    Science interests: Stellar evolution, AGB stars, extrasolar planets.
    Technical Interests: Statistics, SQL queries, python scripts.

  • Bill Dent

    Bill Dent

    System Astronomer


    Science Interests: Protostellar disks, debris disks, planet formation, protostellar outflows, Galactic Centre, line & continuum radiative transfer models.
    Technical interests: Correlators & frontend receivers, ir & submm spectroscopy, interferometry.

  • Harold Francke

    Harold Francke

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science Interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, especially at high redshift, and its relation to active galactic nuclei. Cosmology and large scale structure.
    Technical interests: Optical and NIR imaging and spectroscopy data processing. Radio, mm and sub-mm interferometry and aperture synthesis. Multiwavelength datasets analysis.

  • José Gallardo Narbona

    José Gallardo Narbona

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science Interests: Evolutionary models of low mass stars, brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. Atmospheric models of young stellar and sub-stellar objects. Intermediate and high mass star formation. Proto-stellar outflows, proto-stellar and debris disks. Binary stellar systems.
    Technical interests: Optical/infrared imaging, photometry, spectroscopy; sub-mm/mm/radio interferometry.

  • Jorge F. García Yus

    Jorge F. García Yus

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science Interests: Galactic structure, star formation, solar system and exoplanets.
    Technical interests: Optical/IR/MIR imaging and photometry. Multi wavelength surveys, catalog and databases. Ground telescope observations. Ultimately VO interoperability.

  • Laura Gómez

    Laura Gómez

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science Interests: Star formation at early evolutionary stages, fragmentation and structure of molecular clouds, proper motions of radio sources.
    Technical interests: cm/mm/submm interferometry, cm/mm/submm single dish techniques (bolometer and heterodyne), mosaicking with interferometer, combining interferometry and single dish data.

  • Kevin Harrington

    Kevin Harrington

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Science interests: Understanding the build-up of stellar mass across cosmic time; Cold neutral (molecular/atomic) and ionized interstellar medium of high-redshift (z >1) galaxies; Strongly lensed, high-redshift galaxies; Progenitor galaxy cluster environments in the early Universe; Disentangling the physical processes of galaxies with co-evolving AGN and star-formation activity
    Technical Interests: Radio / (sub)mm / IR spectroscopy and (more…)

  • Akihiko Hirota

    Akihiko Hirota

    System Astronomer


    Science Interests: Spectroscopic observations of molecular clouds, statistical census of star formation in galactic disks, galactic dynamics

    Technical interests: Single-dish and interferometric observation at mm and sub-mm wavelengths. Software development of the telescope control software.

  • Seiji Kameno

    Seiji Kameno

    System Astronomer


    Science Interests: Formation and fueling of active galactic nuclei, optimization of radio astronomy system such as interferometry, spectroscopy, and polarimetry.

  • Ruediger Kneissl

    Ruediger Kneissl

    Operations Astronomer


    Science Interests: Observational cosmology, cosmic microwave background, clusters of galaxies, Sunyaev-Zel'dovich observations, radio- and sub-mm galaxies.
    Technical interests: cm-submm interferometry and single dish, bolometer arrays, imaging techniques and simulations.

  • Evgenia Koumpia

    Evgenia Koumpia

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Science Interests: Multiwavelength studies of low- and high- mass star forming environments to trace their dynamics, chemistry and evolution, close binaries, dense cores, massive stellar evolution,
    Technical interests: Far (mm) and near IR interferometry, (sub)-mm mapping, optical spectroscopy.

  • Stéphane Leon

    Stéphane Leon

    System Astronomer


    Science Interests: Effects of the environment on stellar systems, globular clusters, dynamics of the molecular gas in galaxies, ISM content of radio galaxies, barred and isolated galaxies.
    Technical interests: mm/submm, interferometry and single dish, wide field telescopes, numerical simulations.

  • Cristián López

    Cristián López

    Data Analyst


    Science Interests: Star Formation, Giant Molecular Clouds, and gas and dust in the ISM.
    Technical interests: Continuum and Spectral observations in mm/sub-mm single dish and interferometric telescopes. Verification and optimisation of single dish and interferometric arrays.

  • Gabriel Marinello

    Gabriel Marinello

    Data Analyst

    Scientific Interests: Observational cosmology, large-scale structure of the Universe, galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution in clusters, cosmic microwave background, Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect observations, quasars.
    Technical Interest: Mm/submm interferometry, single-dish mm/submm astronomy, optical imaging and spectroscopy, (more…)

  • Sergio Martín

    Sergio Martín

    Operations Performance Group Manager


    Science Interests: Astrochemistry and molecular spectroscopy. Evolution of active galaxies. Starburst, AGN and ULIRG environments. Galactic Center.

    Technical interests: mm and submm single dish and interferometric observations and calibration.

  • Hugo Messias

    Hugo Messias

    DSO Astronomer


    Science Interests: Galaxy and super-massive black-hole co-evolution; gas content and dynamics; galaxy growth mechanisms; IR-selected AGN; distant sub-millimeter/radio-selected galaxies.

    Technical Interests: IR to radio; interferometry; VLBI observations with phased ALMA; data calibration; statistics.

  • Theodoros Nakos

    Theodoros Nakos

    Data Management Group Manager


    Science Interests: Photometry and astrometry of binary stars, multi-wavelength detection of quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), gravitational lensing.

    Technical Interests: Photometry (optical, near and mid-infrared), astrometry, calibrations, space and ground-based instrumentation


  • Priscilla Nowajewski

    Priscilla Nowajewski

    Data Analyst

    Personal Website

    Science Interests: Astrobiology, Planetary Sciences, Planetary Atmospheres, Planetary Habitability, Exoplanet's and Solar System planet's climatology, Dust storm prediction on Mars, Atmospheric Dynamics, Climate Change, Climate at High Obliquity.

    Technical interests: General Circulation Models, Weather Forecasting, Photometry, Spectroscopy IR/Radio. Programming (Python, Bash), Machine Learning.

  • Kurt Plarre

    Kurt Plarre

    Data Analyst


    Science Interests: Bayesian methods, inverse problems in Astronomy
    Technical interests: mm/sub-mm astronomy. Antenna/array verification, maintenance and calibration. Data manipulation and visualization. Data reduction. Web development.

  • Matias Radiszcz

    Matias Radiszcz

    Data Analyst


    Science Interests: Dusty disc in white dwarfs, interacting binaries, and evolverd stars. Brown dwarfs, exoplanets, planetary system formation/evolution, and protoplanetary disks. Stellar populations in the Milky Way, and Milky Way structure. Astrometry.
    Technical interests: Sub mm/radio interferometry, and single dish data reduction and (more…)

  • David Rebolledo

    David Rebolledo

    Science Operations Astronomer


    Science Interests: Different phases of the interstellar medium and the process of star formation at different size scales in nearby galaxies and the Milky Way.
    Technical interests: Radio astronomy, interferometry at cm/mm wavelengths, and techniques to combine single dish images with interferometric data.

  • Alejandro Santamaria Miranda

    Alejandro Santamaria Miranda

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Science Interest: Star formation at the low mass end: brown dwarfs and very low mass stars from pre-stellar core to Class II sources. Jets and molecular outflows. Accretion in protoplanetary disks.
    Technical Interest: Sub-mm interferometry, optical and infrared spectroscopy.

  • Tsuyoshi Sawada

    Tsuyoshi Sawada

    System Astronomer


    Science Interests: Interstellar medium in the Galaxy and galaxies.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry and single-dish antennas.

  • Giorgio Siringo

    Giorgio Siringo

    Front-End Technical Lead


    Science Interests: magnetic field and star formation, galactic magnetic field, AGN variability, anisotropies and polarization of the Cosmic Background Radiation
    Technical interests: mm/submm detectors, single-dish, interferometry and polarization, imaging, data reduction

  • Yiqing Song

    Yiqing Song

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Science Interests: Luminous Infrared Galaxies, Interacting and Merging Galaxies, Dusty obscured star formation and AGN, Starburst Galaxies.

    Technical Interests: Radio/sub-mm/mm interferometry, Multi-scale data combination and imaging, VLBI imaging.

  • Ignacio Toledo

    Ignacio Toledo

    Data Analyst


    Science Interests: Diffuse light and evolution in galaxy clusters. Bulge and Galactic plane studies in near-infrared. Extrasolar planetary transits.

    Technical interests: mm/submm interferometry and aperture synthesis. Optical and near-infrared data reduction techniques. Virtual Observatory publishing and data mining.

  • Jaime Vargas

    Jaime Vargas

    ESO-ALMA Fellow


    Scientific Interests: Low-mass Star Formation, high-energy processes in Young Stellar Objects (YSOs), radio variability in YSOs at high-time resolution, stellar proper motions, magnetic field structure in star forming regions.

    Technical Interests: Radio time domain at cm- to mm-wavelengths, cm and mm interferometry (VLA, ALMA, and VLBI), Optical and NIR photometry and polarimetry.

  • Celia Verdugo

    Celia Verdugo

    Data Analyst


    Science Interests: Star formation at low metallicity, molecular gas, molecular clouds and clumps.
    Technical interests: mm/submm astronomy. Single dish and interferometry observations, data reduction and analysis. Bolometers and heterodyne receivers.

  • Liza Videla Altieri

    Liza Videla Altieri

    Science Archive Content Manager


    Science Interests: Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), Seyfert galaxies, central engine of AGN, massive black holes at galactic centers, Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs), starburst galaxies, galaxy evolution.
    Technical interests: Data reduction, astronomical databases, Virtual Observatory, interferometric techniques, imaging and spectroscopy in infrared and radio

  • Baltasar Vila-Vilaro

    Baltasar Vila-Vilaro

    System Astronomer


    Science Interests: Nuclear activity in galaxies, lenticular and elliptical galaxies, molecular and atomic gas properties along the Hubble Sequence, Milky Way structure.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, calibration.

  • Miguel Vioque

    Miguel Vioque

    JAO Fellow

    Personal Website

    Science interests: Star formation, Herbig Ae/Be stars, T Tauri stars, pre-main sequence accretion, open clusters and Galactic structure, protoplanetary and debris disks, planet formation, variable stars, emission-line stars, Be stars.

    Technical interests: UV to mid-IR observations, astrometry, Gaia, machine learning, statistics, big data and large-scale surveys, mm/sub-mm interferometry, optical and infrared spectroscopy.