The global ALMA Education and Public Outreach (EPO) program encompasses the Chilean, North American, European, and East Asian EPO programs conducted by the JAO and the ALMA Executives (ESO, NAOJ, NRAO). The program promotes the science, technology, and value of ALMA and communicates these to a worldwide audience of scientists, students, media and the general public. The EPO Office located in Chile coordinates the international EPO program on a day-to-day basis. It is also in charge of the elaboration and implementation of the Chilean ALMA EPO Program, in close cooperation with the Executives’ EPO Departments based in Chile.

In collaboration with the EPO colleagues from the Executives, the JAO EPO Office acts as liaison with Chilean and worldwide media for ALMA-related activities. It coordinates the documentation of ALMA from its inception to full-fledged science operations and communicates achievements as the project evolves. Products and resources developed by EPO include press releasesvideo newsreelsprinted publications, newsletter for the general public, corporate material, exhibitions and public talks. The EPO Office is also responsible for ALMA’s corporate image and the management of its website (www.almasite.alma.cl). Furthermore, it participates in the promotion of scientific and educational undertakings in Chile, related to the ALMA Observatory. This includes the production and support of exhibitions and the coordination of participation by ALMA astronomers in outreach activities and science-related events in Chile.