ALMA Management

  • John Carpenter

    John Carpenter

    Observatory Scientist

    Personal Website

    Dr. John Carpenter joined the ALMA Project in September 2015 as the ALMA Observatory Scientist. John received his PhD from (more…)

  • Elizabeth Humphreys

    Elizabeth Humphreys

    Head of the Department of Science Operations

    Dr. Liz Humphreys joined the ALMA project in September 2009 as an astronomer in the (more…)

  • Stuartt Corder

    Stuartt Corder

    Deputy Director

    Dr. Stuartt Corder was appointed ALMA Deputy Director, effective January 1st, 2015 (more…)

  • Norikazu Mizuno

    Norikazu Mizuno

    Head of ADE

    Norikazu received his PhD in Astrophysics, from School of Science, Nagoya University in 2001. He studied the properties of (more…)

  • Alejandra Voigt

    Alejandra Voigt

    Executive Officer

    Alejandra Voigt, who joined ALMA on July 3rd 2014 as Executive Officer, is a lawyer from Universidad Católica and has a Master’s degree (more…)

  • Iván López

    Iván López

    Health, Safety, Security & Environment manager

    Ivan A. López our Health, Safety, Security & Environment Manager, joined ALMA on April 2010. (more…)

  • Cristián Puentes

    Cristián Puentes

    Head of Administration

    Cristián Puentes joined ALMA on March 1, 2022 as JAO Head of Administration for the Joint ALMA Observatory.


  • Valeria Foncea

    Valeria Foncea

    Education and Public Outreach (EPO) Manager

    Valeria is an experienced journalist from the Catholic University of Chile, who has an extensive career (more…)

  • Jorge Ibsen

    Jorge Ibsen

    Head of the Department
    of Computing

    Jorge Ibsen joined the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in 1997, and spent many years (more…)

  • Rafael Mena

    Rafael Mena

    Human Resources Manager

    Rafael joined ALMA at the start of 2015 as Human Resources Manager. Psychologist by profession, he wrote his thesis on organizational (more…)

About the ALMA Core Management Team

The JAO Core Management Team (CMT) is the group composed by the higher level Managers and Heads of Departments, led by the ALMA Director, and serves as a forum to coordinate the operations and activities in Chile and to develop the strategic plans for the JAO.

ALMA Support Centers

The ALMA activities of each Executive are managed by their ALMA Operations Managers, located at ESO in Garching (Germany) for the European partners of ALMA, at NRAO in Charlottesville (USA) for the North American partners, and NAOJ in Mitaka (Japan) for the Japanese partners.

European ALMA Support Center

  • European Operations Manager
    Leonardo Testi
  • European Legal Representative in Chile
    Luis Chavarría
  • European Integrated Engineering Team Manager
    Silvio Rossi
  • European Integrated Computing Team Manager 
    Erich Schmid
  • European Program Scientist
    Francisca Kemper
  • European ALMA Regional Center Manager 
    Martin Zwaan

East Asia ALMA Support Center

  • East Asian Operations Manager
    Álvaro González
  • East Asian Legal Representative in Chile
    Tetsuhiro Minamidani
  • East Asian Integrated Engineering Team Manager
    Seiichi Sakamoto
  • East Asian Integrated Computing Team Manager
    George Kosugi
  • East Asian Program Scientist
    Daisuke Iono
  • East Asian ALMA Regional Center Manager 
    Misato Fukagawa

North American ALMA Support Center

  • ALMA NA Operations Manager
    Phil Jewell
  • North American Legal Representative in Chile
    Paulina Bocaz
  • North American Integrated Engineering Team Manager
    Kamaljeet Saini
  • North American Integrated Computing Team Manager
    Rachel Rosen
  • North American Program Scientist
    Crystal Brogan
  • North American ALMA Regional Center Manager
    Anthony Remijan

ALMA Management Team

  • Stuartt Corder, Deputy Director/Operations Manager
  • Leonardo Testi, EU ALMA Operations Manager
  • Phil Jewell, NA ALMA Operations Manager
  • Álvaro González, EA ALMA Operations Manager

Operational Integrated Teams

  • Integrated Engineering Team
    • Norikazu Mizuno (JAO IET - Lead)
    • Nick Whyborn (JAO IET)
    • Silvio Rossi (EU IET)
    • Kamaljeet Saini (NA IET)
    • Seiichi Sakamoto (EA IET)
  • Integrated Science Operations Team
    • Elizabeth Humphreys (JAO ISOpT – Lead)
    • Martin Zwaan (EU ISOpT)
    • Anthony Remijan (NA ISOpT)
    • Misato Fukagawa (EA ISOpT)
  • Integrated Computing Team
    • Jorge Ibsen (JAO ICT - Lead)
    • Erich Schmid (EU ICT)
    • Rachel Rosen (NA ICT)
    • George Kosugi (EA ICT)
  • Integrated Science Team
    • John Carpenter (JAO IST - Lead)
    • Francisca Kemper (EU IST)
    • Crystal Brogan (NA IST)
    • Daisuke Iono (EA IST)

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