Frank Ruseler

Frank Ruseler

Head of Administration

Frank Ruseler joined ALMA on March 1, 2016 as JAO Head of Administration for the Joint ALMA Observatory.Frank has a Master in Business Administration from the Harvard Business School. He worked for many years at the European Southern Observatory (ESO), first as Head of the ESO Chile Administration and, later, as Head of Logistics and Budget Controller at the La Silla and Paranal observatories. He has therefore a long experience in dealing with both operational and logistical aspects as well as financial issues in a large, complex observatory.

A primary responsibility of the Head of Administration at the JAO is high-level interface and negotiation with various parties with respect to the Observatory’s overall administrative, financial and contractual obligations. Frank brings valuable skills and views that help to continue providing the support for ALMA at a crucial time when the observatory is ramping up towards stable full operations.

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