2020 Eclipse

2020 Eclipse

On December 14, 2020, a total solar eclipse will cross Chile and Argentina. In Chile, the eclipse in its totality can be seen from a small area in the southern part of the Biobío Region and from Isla Mocha, from a large part of the Araucanía Region, and from a section of the northern part of the Los Ríos Region. Just after 11:30 am in continental Chile, the Moon will gradually begin to cover the Sun. The totality of the eclipse will begin at 12:59 pm in Isla Mocha, at 1:02 pm in Temuco, and at 1:03 in Pucón. In the areas where it will last the longest, the totality of the eclipse will be 2 minutes and 10 seconds.

ALMA led a campaign to purchase and safely deliver as many eclipse glasses as possible, in conjunction with a dozen other entities. The initiative made it possible to obtain these glasses at preferential rates and to include a shared design with the logos of each institution.

Each pair of glasses contains a QR code that directs users to this site with details about the campaign, the entities involved, a map of the eclipse, instructions for using the glasses, and links to useful information about the eclipse.




Eclipse Map


Glasses Design

Diseño de lentes eclipse Araucanía 2020

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use Eclipse Shades®️ lenses to protect your eyes from solar radiation when looking directly at the Sun or its reflection. During an eclipse, wear your glasses WHENEVER A PORTION OF THE SUN, even a small portion, is visible.

WARNING: NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT PROTECTION. DO NOT USE THE LENSES IF THEY ARE NOT IN PERFECT CONDITION. Wearing damaged lenses can cause serious eye injury. BEFORE EACH USE, check the front and back of each lens to make sure there are no scratches, holes, or gaps with the frame. In case of bad condition, destroy the lenses to avoid further damage.


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