ALMA as a jury of Cosmocuentos 2015. Everyone can vote!

ALMA as a jury of Cosmocuentos 2015. Everyone can vote!

5 June, 2015 / Read time: 2 minutes

For the second running year, ALMA supported Cosmocuentos, a remarkable initiative established by Fundación Astromanía, which invites the community to send stories of up to 120 words, related to the Cosmos or Astronomy. Over a hundred people from all over Chile took part in this year's competition, either in the youth (under 18 years of age) or adult categories.

"Astronomy excites people's imagination, so we thought this initiative should be supported by ALMA, in order to bring these issues closer to the community", said Valeria Foncea, ALMA Public Outreach Officer. The observatory was part of the jury and also sponsored the printing of the Cosmocuentos booklet, to keep a tangible record of the event.

Besides ALMA, the panel of judges consisted of playwright Luis Barrales, astronomer José Gallardo, representatives from the MIM Museum, of Universidad de Antofagasta and Explora Conicyt. They board has already selected eight stories, which can be read here in English or Spanish. Now it is the public's turn to choose the prize-winning story, by pressing "like" on the Astromanía Facebook page. Vote for your favorite story until midnight of Friday, 12 June!

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