ALMA First Science Workshop

ALMA First Science Workshop

14 February, 2012 / Read time: 1 minute

The Joint ALMA Observatory in collaboration with all the ALMA partners is organizing an international conference to be held in Chile over December 12-15 2012 focused on the first science results from the ALMA Observatory. ALMA Early Science Cycle 0 observations started at the end of September 2011 with over 100 high profile science projects selected by an international Program Review Committee. The conference will take place after one year of ALMA Early Science Operations and will be the ideal forum to present the highlights of the first year of ALMA operations. We do expect that many exciting new science results will be presented and the conference, which will also cover a discussion of the scientific priorities for ALMA in the future.

More detailed information on the details of the organization and the conference website will be distributed shortly.


• Gautier Mathys, LOC Chair at [email protected]
• Leonardo Testi, SOC Chair at [email protected]
• Email account for the conference: [email protected]