ALMA on TEDx:The first presentation about ALMA at a TEDx event in Latin America

27 June, 2012

The first presentation about ALMA at a TEDx event in Latin America is now available online. On April 27, at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Buenos Aires, astronomer Antonio Hales participated in an event titled “Inspire your ideas,” which focused on applying the entrepreneurial spirit to diverse areas, from urban development to education, science and ecology, just to mention a few.

“The experience and research carried out at ALMA captivated the audience simply because they involve analyzing the Universe we live in and understanding how it works. It’s an honor to have had a representative from one of the most important astronomical projects in the world at TEDxUTN,” said Gustavo Pérez, president of the conference organizing committee.

To watch “Understanding our cosmic origins with ALMA,” as the talk given by Antonio Hales is called (18 minutes), please visit the following site:

Photographs of the event, which involved about 100 people and was transmitted live online, are available at:

* TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED is a nonprofit dedicated to “ideas worth spreading.” It is well known for its talks available online in 80 languages covering a broad spectrum of subjects.

TEDx = is a program of local, self-organized events