ALMA Residencia Design Featured at Prestigious 2016 Architecture Biennale

ALMA Residencia Design Featured at Prestigious 2016 Architecture Biennale

16 September, 2016 / Read time: 2 minutes

The design for the new Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) Residencia, currently under construction in the harsh environment of Chile’s Atacama desert, features in the 15th International Architecture Exhibition.

The world renowned International Architecture Exhibition has been held every two years since 1980 in the historic city of Venice, Italy, and has celebrated some of the most fascinating and groundbreaking architecture from around the world.

This year’s event is running between 28 May and 27 November 2016 and features designs on the theme of “Reporting from the Front”, showcasing architecture that overcomes the odds to provide a better place to live for all.

The ALMA Residencia was designed by Finnish Architects Kouvu and Partanen. Once completed, it will host astronomers, engineers and support staff from all over the world, providing an oasis in the desert that will encourage both deep thinking and relaxation in the harsh but breathtaking environment.

The ALMA Residencia design. The ALMA Residencia design featured at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice, Italy. The wall panels on the right hand side of this image show the design, by Finnish architects Kouvu and Partanen — a true oasis in an inhospitable desert landscape. Credit: Kouvu and Partanen Architects | Download image

Additional information

ALMA is a partnership of ESO (representing its member states), NSF (USA) and NINS (Japan), together with NRC (Canada), NSC and ASIAA (Taiwan), and KASI (Republic of South Korea), in cooperation with the Republic of Chile. The Joint ALMA Observatory is operated by ESO, AUI/NRAO and NAOJ.