ALMA was highlighted by Presidents Obama and Piñera as a wonderful example of international collaboration

24 March, 2011

In the context of President of the United States Barack Obama’s visit to Santiago, Chile, the Heads of States emphasized the significant collaboration between the two countries in the field of astronomy. The ALMA Observatory, an international collaboration between Europe, North America and East Asia, in cooperation with the Republic of Chile, was cited as an effective example of close collaboration. An abstract of the joint statement by the President Obama and President Piñera says:

“Both Heads of State highlighted the effective collaboration in the fields of astronomy and astro-engineering which will allow the operation of the LSST and ALMA telescopes in the northern Chile, involving an investment of 1.5 billion dollars, with a close collaboration between public and private academic and research institutions in both countries.”

Read a complete version of the Joint Statement by both Presidents