Outcome of the Proposal Review Process

Outcome of the Proposal Review Process

6 September, 2011 / Read time: 2 minutes

The scientific and technical assessment of the 919 proposals submitted for ALMA Early Science Cycle 0 has been completed. Fifty science assessors and 25 technical assessors from all over the world have considered the expected scientific value and technical feasibility of all the proposals submitted. As a result, the most promising proposals have been selected as those most likely for completion using the initial 16-antenna ALMA capabilities.

The 112 highest-priority projects cover a wide range of science and are distributed across the four broad ALMA science categories as shown in the accompanying pie chart.


The observations to collect the data required to complete these projects are expected to start on 30 September or soon after. However, the construction and operation of ALMA - one of the world’s largest and most complex observatories, at an altitude higher than any other ongoing human activity - continues to be very challenging, and changes to the plan may still be necessary.

Principal Investigators (PIs) of the proposals will be notified of the outcome of the proposal review process by email.

ALMA would like to thank the 50 science assessors for their assistance in completing the scientific assessments of the Cycle 0 proposals, and to specially acknowledge the valued assistance of Neal Evans, Chair of the ALMA Proposal Review Committee (APRC), and Francoise Combes, Deputy Chair of the APRC.