Photographs and Drawings Featured at the ALMA Inauguration – Competition Results

Photographs and Drawings Featured at the ALMA Inauguration – Competition Results

3 April, 2013 / Read time: 2 minutes

The inauguration of the ALMA observatory included competitions featuring 32 photographs and 39 drawings by observatory personnel and students from San Pedro and Toconao.

Professional photographers Macarena Minguell and Luis Hernán Herreros, along with amateur photographer and ALMA employee Italo Lemus, served as judges for the photography competition, choosing the winners from among observatory personnel who submitted photos of landscapes, people and the sky. In the “People and Activities” category, the winner was José Velásquez with his image of the DV09 antenna; the winner of the “Landscapes and Structures” category was Sergio Otárola, with his photograph entitled “The calm after the storm"; and in the "Sky" category, the winner was Armin Silber with his image entitled “Rainbow cloud above the OSF.”

Students from San Pedro de Atacama and Toconao were also invited to participate in a drawing competition. A student from Toconao was one of the winners of the competition and was awarded with an invitation to the ALMA inauguration ceremony. In the 6- to 9-year-old category, the winner was Valentina Cecchini, 6 years old, the daughter of an observatory employee (Paulina Bocaz). In the 10- to 12-year-old category, the winner was Paulina Rodríguez, 11 years old. The judges of the student competition were artist Sofía Donovan, children's book illustrator Francisca Yáñez and ALMA's graphic designer, Alejandro Peredo.

Thanks to all who participated!

Link to all of the competition photographs and drawings.