Ask an astronomer

Do you have cosmic doubts? Would you like to know what a black hole is? The mysteries of the Universe won't let you sleep? We can help you. We have created this special section so you can send us your questions, and our astronomers will help us answer them, as soon as possible.

Would you like us to answer your questions about astronomy or ALMA? For example, have you ever wondered why the sky is blue in daytime? How do we study astronomic objects that are far away? How does ALMA see things that are invisible? How cold is a nebula? How do planets and stars form? How do we do to precisely point with the antennas? How much energy is needed to operate a single ALMA antenna?
or… Why was ALMA built 5,000 meters above sea level? If you have these or other questions about astronomy. We can help. Send us your questions in a video of up to 30 seconds and we will respond here as soon as possible