• ACA

    Atacama Compact Array, composed of 16 antennas, also called "Morita" in honor of a Japanese scientist who worked at ALMA

  • ACS

    ALMA Common Software

  • ADA

    ALMA Department of Administration

  • ADC

    ALMA Department of Computing

  • ADE

    ALMA Department of Engineering

  • ADO

    ALMA Director’s Office

  • ADS

    ALMA Department of Science

  • AIVC

    Assembly, Integration, Verification and Commissioning

  • ALMA

    Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array

  • AMG

    Array Maintenance Group

  • AMT

    ALMA Management Team


    ALMA North American Scientific Advisory Committee

  • AOG

    Array Operations Group

  • AOS

    Array Operations Site (located at an altitude of 5,000 meters)

  • APO

    Archive and Pipeline Operations group

  • AQUA

    ALMA Quality Assurance tool

  • ARC

    ALMA Regional Center

  • ASAC

    ALMA Scientific Advisory Committee

  • ASC

    ALMA Support Center

  • ATAC

    Advanced Technology ALMA Correlator

  • ATF

    ALMA Test Facility in Socorro, New Mexico, USA

  • AUI

    Associated Universities, Inc., Corporation mandated by the NSF to manage NRAO in the United States and ALMA in Chile

  • CASA

    Common Astronomy Software Applications package

  • CLO

    Central Local Oscillator

  • CSV

    Comissioning Science and Verification

  • DDT

    Director's Discretionary Time

  • DMG

    Data Management Group

  • DSO

    ALMA Department of Science Operations


    East Asia Support Center


    ALMA East Asian Scientific Advisory Committee

  • EASC

    European Support Center

  • EoC

    Extension of Capabilities

  • EPO

    Education and Public Outreach

  • ESAC

    European Scientific Advisory Committee

  • ESG

    Engineering Services Group

  • ESO

    European Southern Observatory

  • FEIC

    Front End Integrated Center

  • HST

    Hubble Space Telescope

  • ICT

    Integrated Computing Team

  • IDT

    Integrated Development Team


    Integrated Education and Public Outreach Team

  • IET

    Integrated Engineering Team

  • IMG

    Infrastructure Maintenance Group

  • IPT

    Integrated Product Team

  • iSOPT

    Integrated Science Operators Team

  • IST

    Integrated Science Team

  • JAO

    Joint ALMA Observatory, in charge of the operations of ALMA in Chile.

  • KASI

    Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute

  • MOST

    Ministry of Science and Technology in Taiwan, NAOJ partner for ALMA

  • MoU

    Memorandum of Understanding

  • NAOJ

    National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

  • NASC

    North American Support Center

  • NINS

    National Institutes of Natural Sciences of Japan

  • NRAO

    National Radio Astronomy Observatory of USA

  • NSF

    National Science Foundation of the USA

  • OSF

    Operations Support Facility (located at an altitude of 2,900 meters)

  • PHT

    Proposal Handling Team

  • PMG

    Program Management Group

  • SCO

    Santiago Central Offices

  • VLA

    Very Large Array, NRAO radio telescope located in Socorro, USA

  • VLT

    Very Large Telescope, ESO observatory in Cerro Paranal, Chile

  • WSU

    Wideband Sensitivity Upgrade