Norikazu Mizuno

Norikazu Mizuno

Deputy Director of Operations and Head of ADE

Norikazu received his PhD in Astrophysics, from School of Science, Nagoya University in 2001. He studied the properties of the star formation in the Magellanic Clouds and also he worked for the instrument development for the NANTEN radio telescope.
Norikazu worked as Assistant Professor of Nagoya University between 2003-2008 in charge for the relocation of the NANTEN telescope from Las Campanas Observatory to Pampa la Bola and upgrade to the NANTEN2 submm telescope.
In November 2008, he started his work for the ALMA project as Associate Professor of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ), where he served as East Asia ALMA Integrated Engineering Team Manager together with EA Antenna/ Correlator / SE&I IPTs. His last position was as ADE Array Maintenance Group (AMG) Manager (2014-2017).

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