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The Desert’s Vessel: Documentary about the Toconao School and ALMA

22 August, 2012 / Read time: 1 minute

Three years of a partnership between the E-21 School in Toconao and the ALMA Observatory were captured in a wonderful 15-minute documentary titled "ALMA and the Desert’s Vessel".
We invite you to watch this interesting video that shows how Atacameño children have developed critical thinking skills thanks to the implementation of an innovative method known as ECBI, the Science Education Program based on Inquiry. ALMA, with the help of strategic advisors, has been using this method to support the students' science and English classes, two subjects that the astronomical project and education in the surrounding area have in common.
This partnership has yielded results: In the last two years, the E-21 School of Toconao has led the ranking of the region's municipal schools for scores at the "SIMCE" test, the national standardized test given by Chile's Ministry of Education. It was a goal that seemed difficult to achieve, but this Vessel has clearly found its way through the Desert.