Comic Strips, Cartoons, and Videos Tell the Tales of the Universe Behind ALMA

Comic Strips, Cartoons, and Videos Tell the Tales of the Universe Behind ALMA

17 October, 2018 / Read time: 2 minutes

Did you know that there are more engineers working at ALMA than there are astronomers? That our staff is 43 years old, on average, and has worked with us for the last 6 years? That we have workers representing 10 different nationalities but that 80% of our staff is Chilean?

In an effort to give proof the diversity of ALMA staff through new comic strips and videos. "Seeing as it isn't easy to explain the structure and inner-workings of this radio telescope to the general public, we decided to do it in a fun and novel way", says Ralph Bennett, a member of the ALMA communications team and author of the new comic strip called "#ALMAHeroes". Don't miss out! You can find them here:

The aim is also to show that you don't have to be an astronomer to work at ALMA but that there are many other career choices as well. To this end, people from different parts of the organization share their testimony via short videos to show who it is that makes ALMA's scientific revolution possible. Meet them face to face here:

Finally, for children, we recently launched a series of cartoons of the adventures of the stars of ALMA kids: Talma and he astronomer friend Mathias guide you through ALMA's discoveries. "A Titan-ic Atmosphere", "Spying on a Little Neighbor", and "The Day of the Asteroid" are some of the colorful episodes that explain this radio telescope’s discoveries in simple and fun ways. You can follow them here: