16 October, 2018 / Read time: 2 minutes

Who are the people who make it possible for ALMA to achieve such impressive observations of the Universe? Are they only astronomers? Are they really human? What kind of different functions and skill sets exist among those who work at ALMA?

These are the questions that many have been asking about our observatory. Considering there is no simple way to explain the structure and operations of ALMA to the general public, we have decided to take a different, entertaining approach, spotlighting different team members through this comic series.

We hope you enjoy it!

Petaneurons – Alejandro Sáez

Iorana-Ana – Ann Edmunds

From One Band to Another - Daniel Fernández

X-Treme Engineer – Fabiola Cruzat

Radio-Head - José Gallardo

I.T. Phone Home - Italo Lemus

Galactic Da Vinci - José Pinto

Superhumans - Raúl Aguilar

Time Traveler - Shin'ichiro Asayama

Total Coordination - Thais Mandiola

Úrsula Throm - Athromic Energy