ALMA Site Visit - Family & Friends

ALMA employees may invite their family members and friends to visit the observatory, with permission. To request a visit, the form below should be filled and submitted at least 10 days in advance. The form is forwarded automatically to the Visit Coordinators (VCs). If approved, the VCs will confirm this by email and enter your visit into the Actual Trip (AT), sending the necessary information to the ALMA Site Visit group.

ALMA employees are responsible for the visits they request and use a day off, vacation day or compensatory day for that purpose. Employees who are scheduled to work that day must obtain permission from their supervisor or manager.

ALMA does not have special transportation service for visitors. If visitors need regular round trip transportation between ALMA and San Pedro de Atacama, the employee must coordinate availability with the VCs. This does not include transportation to the AOS, as visits usually only include the OSF. Employees who would like to bring visitors to the AOS must meet the following requirements:

• Be authorized by the Safety Department to drive to the AOS.

• The use of an ALMA vehicle must be authorized by the department head.

• Rental or personal vehicles must meet the requirements listed in the Safety Manual.

• All visitors must pass the medical exam.

• The maximum authorized time of the visit at the AOS should not exceed 2 hours.

The VCs or the Director's vehicle can not be used for this purpose.

If the visitors would like to have lunch at the cantina of the OSF, the employee must inform it at the end of the form. Each staff member is entitled to 3 free invitations per year. If you exceed that number, you must pay Newrest directly on the day of the visit.


    Employee Name


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    Date of Visit (YYYY-MM-DD)


    Visitor's Name(s), Passport Number(s) and Relation to Staff

    Requester will be On Duty – Off Duty?

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    Name of Area Administrative Assistant

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