JAO Science Team

  • Álvaro Ribas

    Álvaro Ribas

    ESO-ALMA Fellow

    Scientific interests: protoplanetary disks evolution, dust grain growth, planet formation, debris disks, exoplanets.

    Technical interests: (sub)mm interferometry, multi-wavelength observations, statistics, machine learning, Python.

  • Andrea Corvillón

    Andrea Corvillón

    Proposal Management Team Specialist

    Science interests: Stellar evolution, AGB stars, extrasolar planets.
    Technical Interests: Statistics, SQL queries, python scripts.

  • Antonio Hales

    Antonio Hales

    Operations Astronomer

    Science Interests: Protoplanetary and debris disks, evolution of circumstellar gas and dust evolution in environments of planet formation, near-IR polarimetry, multiwavelength surveys of the Galactic plane, radio continuum of Herbig Ae/Be stars.
    Technical interests: ALMA commissioning, astrometry, ALMA antennas, solar observations, mm/submm interferometry, image synthesis.

  • Baltasar Vila Vilaro

    Baltasar Vila Vilaro

    System Astronomer

    Science Interests: Nuclear activity in galaxies, lenticular and elliptical galaxies, molecular and atomic gas properties along the Hubble Sequence, Milky Way structure.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, calibration.

  • Belén Alcalde

    Belén Alcalde

    ESO-ALMA Fellow

    Science interests: Galaxy formation and evolution across cosmic time, massive high-redshift galaxies, stellar properties, molecular gas, and dust.
    Technical Interests: Multiwavelength observations, (sub)-mm single-dish and interferometry observations, machine and deep learning techniques.

  • Bill Dent

    Bill Dent

    System Astronomer

    Science Interests: Protostellar disks, debris disks, planet formation, protostellar outflows, Galactic Centre, line & continuum radiative transfer models.
    Technical interests: Correlators & frontend receivers, ir & submm spectroscopy, interferometry.

  • Celia Verdugo

    Celia Verdugo

    Data Analyst

    Science Interests: Star formation at low metallicity, molecular gas, molecular clouds and clumps.
    Technical interests: mm/submm astronomy. Single dish and interferometry observations, data reduction and analysis. Bolometers and heterodyne receivers.

  • Chat Hull

    Chat Hull

    NAOJ Fellow

    Science interests: Star formation, polarization, magnetic fields, protoplanetary disks, synthetic observations of MHD simulations.
    Technical interests: cm/mm/submm interferometry, radio instrumentation, polarization calibration, high-dynamic-range imaging.

  • Chentao Yang

    Chentao Yang

    ESO-ALMA Fellow

    Science Interests: star formation, galaxy formation and evolution, dusty star-forming galaxies at high-redshift, molecular gas and dust.
    Technical interests: cm/mm/submm single-dish and interferometry observations, imaging and spectroscopy, calibration.

  • Chin-Shin Chang

    Chin-Shin Chang

    Science Archive Content Manager

    Science Interests: Galaxies and supermassive black holes, jets and outflows. Active Galactic Nuclei studies using Very Long Baseline Interferometry, in particular the VLBI kinematics and the multi-wavelength studies (radio/optical/X-ray/gamma-ray) on AGN inner-jet. M87 jet dynamics.
    Technical interests: VLBI wide-fied (more…)

  • Cristián López

    Cristián López

    Data Analyst

    Science Interests: Star Formation, Giant Molecular Clouds, and gas and dust in the ISM.
    Technical interests: Continuum and Spectral observations in mm/sub-mm single dish and interferometric telescopes. Verification and optimisation of single dish and interferometric arrays.

  • David Rebolledo

    David Rebolledo

    ALMA-NRAO Fellow

    Science Interests: Different phases of the interstellar medium and the process of star formation at different size scales in nearby galaxies and the Milky Way.
    Technical interests: Radio astronomy, interferometry at cm/mm wavelengths, and techniques to combine single dish images with interferometric data.

  • Ed Fomalont

    Ed Fomalont

    Senior Astronomer

    Science Interests: Astrometry, tests of General Relativity, VLBI especially from space, evolution of binary stellar systems, evolution of AGN and star-forming galaxies and cosmology.
    Technical interests: Interferometric analysis and software, high dynamic range imaging, micro-arcsecond astrometric precision, polarization interferometry.

  • Elizabeth Humphreys

    Elizabeth Humphreys

    Head of the Department of Science Operations

    Dr. Liz Humphreys joined the ALMA project in September 2009 as an astronomer in the European ALMA Regional Centre (ARC).
    She was appointed Deputy Head of the ARC Department in 2016. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Bristol, UK, and performed postdocs at Onsala Space Observatory in Sweden and at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, before joining the European Southern Observatory (ESO) (more…)

  • Enrique Macías

    Enrique Macías

    ESO-ALMA Fellow

    Science Interests: Star formation, structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks, protoplanetary disk dispersal, radio jets, dust grain growth and evolution, planet formation.

    Technical interests: Radio astronomy, submm/mm/cm interferometry, imaging, statistics.

  • Eric Villard

    Eric Villard

    Deputy of Data Management Group

    Science Interests: Planetary atmospheres, exoplanets.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, calibrators, astrometry.

  • Gabriel Marinello

    Gabriel Marinello

    Data Analyst

    Scientific Interests: Observational cosmology, large-scale structure of the Universe, galaxy clusters, galaxy evolution in clusters, cosmic microwave background, Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect observations, quasars.
    Technical Interest: Mm/submm interferometry, single-dish mm/submm astronomy, optical imaging and spectroscopy, (more…)

  • Giorgio Siringo

    Giorgio Siringo

    Front-End Technical Lead

    Science Interests: magnetic field and star formation, galactic magnetic field, AGN variability, anisotropies and polarization of the Cosmic Background Radiation
    Technical interests: mm/submm detectors, single-dish, interferometry and polarization, imaging, data reduction

  • Harold Francke

    Harold Francke

    Science Archive Content Manager

    Science Interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, especially at high redshift, and its relation to active galactic nuclei. Cosmology and large scale structure.
    Technical interests: Optical and NIR imaging and spectroscopy data processing. Radio, mm and sub-mm interferometry and aperture synthesis. Multiwavelength datasets analysis.

  • Hugo Messias

    Hugo Messias

    DSO Astronomer

    Science Interests: Galaxy and super-massive black-hole co-evolution; gas content and dynamics; galaxy growth mechanisms; IR-selected AGN; distant sub-millimeter/radio-selected galaxies.

    Technical Interests: IR to radio; interferometry; VLBI observations with phased ALMA; data calibration; statistics.

  • Ignacio Toledo

    Ignacio Toledo

    Data Analyst

    Science Interests: Diffuse light and evolution in galaxy clusters. Bulge and Galactic plane studies in near-infrared. Extrasolar planetary transits.
    Technical interests: mm/submm interferometry and aperture synthesis. Optical and near-infrared data reduction techniques. Virtual Observatory publishing and data mining.

  • James Miley

    James Miley

    ALMA-NAOJ Fellow

    Science interests: Structure and evolution of protoplanetary disks, debris disks, star and planet formation, intermediate mass stars
    Technical Interests: Radio/sub-mm/mm interferometry and imaging, radiative transfer modelling

  • John Carpenter

    John Carpenter

    Observatory Scientist

    Science Interests: Circumstellar disks, debris disks, structure of molecular clouds, and star formation.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, single-dish mm/submm astronomy, statistics

  • Jorge F. García Yus

    Jorge F. García Yus

    Science Archive Content Manager

    Science Interests: Galactic structure, star formation, solar system and exoplanets.
    Technical interests: Optical/IR/MIR imaging and photometry. Multi wavelength surveys, catalog and databases. Ground telescope observations. Ultimately VO interoperability.

  • José Gallardo Narbona

    José Gallardo Narbona

    Science Archive Content Manager

    Science Interests: Evolutionary models of low mass stars, brown dwarfs and extrasolar planets. Atmospheric models of young stellar and sub-stellar objects. Intermediate and high mass star formation. Proto-stellar outflows, proto-stellar and debris disks. Binary stellar systems.
    Technical interests: Optical/infrared imaging, photometry, spectroscopy; sub-mm/mm/radio interferometry.

  • José Miguel Fernández Contreras

    José Miguel Fernández Contreras

    Data Analyst

    Science Interests: Star formation, proto-planetary disks, binary stellar systems, extrasolar planets.
    Technical interests: Optical/Infrared imaging, photometry, spectroscopy; sub-mm/mm/radio interferometry 

  • Juan Cortés

    Juan Cortés

    Operations Astronomer

    Science Interests: Interacting and merging Galaxies, lenticular and elliptical galaxies, galaxy formation, galaxy evolution along z, high-z submillimeter galaxies, galaxy stellar and gas dynamics.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, Integral Field spectroscopy, single-dish mm/submm astronomy.

  • Kevin Harrington

    Kevin Harrington

    ESO-ALMA Fellow

    Science interests: Understanding the build-up of stellar mass across cosmic time; Cold neutral (molecular/atomic) and ionized interstellar medium of high-redshift (z >1) galaxies; Strongly lensed, high-redshift galaxies; Progenitor galaxy cluster environments in the early Universe; Disentangling the physical processes of galaxies with co-evolving AGN and star-formation activity
    Technical Interests: Radio / (sub)mm / IR spectroscopy and (more…)

  • Kurt Plarre

    Kurt Plarre

    Data Analyst

    Science Interests: Bayesian methods, inverse problems in Astronomy
    Technical interests: mm/sub-mm astronomy. Antenna/array verification, maintenance and calibration. Data manipulation and visualization. Data reduction. Web development.

  • Laura Gómez

    Laura Gómez

    Science Archive Content Manager

    Science Interests: Star formation at early evolutionary stages, fragmentation and structure of molecular clouds, proper motions of radio sources.
    Technical interests: cm/mm/submm interferometry, cm/mm/submm single dish techniques (bolometer and heterodyne), mosaicking with interferometer, combining interferometry and single dish data.

  • Liza Videla Altieri

    Liza Videla Altieri

    Science Archive Content Manager

    Science Interests: Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), Seyfert galaxies, central engine of AGN, massive black holes at galactic centers, Ultra Luminous Infrared Galaxies (ULIRGs), starburst galaxies, galaxy evolution.
    Technical interests: Data reduction, astronomical databases, Virtual Observatory, interferometric techniques, imaging and spectroscopy in infrared and radio

  • Luciano Cerrigone

    Luciano Cerrigone

    Science archive content manager

    Scientific interests: circumstellar envelopes in intermediate- and high-mass stars, AGB and post-AGB stars, molecular outflows, radio continuum properties of Planetary nebulae, LBV nebulae.
    Technical interests: ground- and space-based mid-IR imaging and spectrometry, interferometry from the cm to the sub-mm range, single-dish techniques.

  • Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais

    Marie-Lou Gendron-Marsolais

    ESO-ALMA Fellow

    Science interests: Multi-wavelength studies of groups and clusters of galaxies, AGN feedback, brightest cluster/group galaxies.

    Technical interests: high-dynamical-range low radio frequency imaging, X-ray data reduction and analysis, optical imaging Fourier transform spectroscopy.

  • Matias Radiszcz

    Matias Radiszcz

    Data Analyst

    Science Interests: Dusty disc in white dwarfs, interacting binaries, and evolverd stars. Brown dwarfs, exoplanets, planetary system formation/evolution, and protoplanetary disks. Stellar populations in the Milky Way, and Milky Way structure. Astrometry.
    Technical interests: Sub mm/radio interferometry, and single dish data reduction and (more…)

  • Paulo Cortés

    Paulo Cortés

    Operations Astronomer

    Science Interests: Star formation, magnetic fields, formation of molecular clouds, interacting and merging galaxies, galaxy formation, galaxy evolution, high-z submillimeter galaxies.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, single-dish mm/submm astronomy, parallel and distributed computing.

  • Ruediger Kneissl

    Ruediger Kneissl

    Operations Astronomer

    Science Interests: Observational cosmology, cosmic microwave background, clusters of galaxies, Sunyaev-Zel’dovich observations, radio- and sub-mm galaxies.
    Technical interests: cm-submm interferometry and single dish, bolometer arrays, imaging techniques and simulations.

  • Satoko Takahashi

    Satoko Takahashi

    Science Operations Astronomer

    Science Interests: Star formation at early evolutionary stages, fragmentation properties of filamentary molecular clouds.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, wide-field interferometric imaging.

  • Seiji Kameno

    Seiji Kameno

    System Astronomer

    Science Interests: Formation and fueling of active galactic nuclei, optimization of radio astronomy system such as interferometry, spectroscopy, and polarimetry.

  • Sergio Martín

    Sergio Martín

    Science Operations Astronomer

    Science Interests: Astrochemistry and molecular spectroscopy. Evolution of active galaxies. Starburst, AGN and ULIRG environments. Galactic Center.

    Technical interests: mm and submm single dish and interferometric observations and calibration.

  • Stéphane Leon

    Stéphane Leon

    System Astronomer

    Science Interests: Effects of the environment on stellar systems, globular clusters, dynamics of the molecular gas in galaxies, ISM content of radio galaxies, barred and isolated galaxies.
    Technical interests: mm/submm, interferometry and single dish, wide field telescopes, numerical simulations.

  • Stuartt Corder

    Stuartt Corder

    Deputy Director

    Science Interests: Debris disks, proto-stellar disks, proto-stellar environments, high-mass star formation, dynamics and feedback in nearby star-forming clouds.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry, high fidelity imaging, mosaicking with interferometers (more…)

  • Theodoros Nakos

    Theodoros Nakos

    Data Management Group Manager

    Science Interests: Photometry and astrometry of binary stars, multi-wavelength detection of quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN), gravitational lensing.

    Technical Interests: Photometry (optical, near and mid-infrared), astrometry, calibrations, space and ground-based instrumentation


  • Tsuyoshi Sawada

    Tsuyoshi Sawada

    System Astronomer

    Science Interests: Interstellar medium in the Galaxy and galaxies.
    Technical interests: mm/submm. interferometry and single-dish antennas.

  • Yoshiharu Asaki

    Yoshiharu Asaki

    NAOJ Associate Professor

    Science Interests: Dynamics of gas motions around evolved stars and of massive star forming regions by observing astrophysical masers. Precise astrometry using radio interferometry with an accuracy of milli arcseconds.
    Technical interests: Calibration techniques for correcting interferometer observable errors especially due to the Earth atmosphere and interferometer instruments.